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Prime Day 2 is around the corner: it has been officially announced for 11 and 12nd October. When Prime Day passes, there are still opportunities for brands to engage with consumers. A recent survey by Amazon Ads and Kantar found that 53% of consumers plan to make another purchase after Prime Day.

Lead-up and Lead-out phases

Prime Day is much more than just the one specific event. The lead of the global industry marketing team at Amazon Ads, Awilda Hancock, stated that there are lead-up and lead-out phases to an event.

¬†“The following three essential insights can aid in success after Prime Day:

  1. By using Amazon Ads solutions, maintain an always-on marketing strategy to be at the forefront of audiences’ minds.
  2. Your investment continues to have an impact after Prime Day; there’s much interaction there long after the event.
  3. Third, measure and analyse insights from your campaigns on what was successful and apply those findings to upcoming campaigns.

What should brands do after Prime Day ends ?

  1. Identify FBA inventory levels and immediately replace.On Prime Day a lot of inventory for many brands will have been consumed. Brands must make sure essential SKUs remain in stock if they want to ride the halo effect wave.
  2. Maintain the Prime Day Momentum: don’t leave a void after Prime Day rush: think about how to maintain the interest for your brand and your amazon presence.
  3. Retarget consumers using Sponsored Display and Amazon DSP.There were probably a lot of consumers who looked at your stuff during Prime Day but made no purchases. You can use Sponsored Products Display and Amazon DSP to efficiently retarget these shoppers, especially if you are continuing to run promos on those particular ASINs.
Najad Jonas-Menouar is the Founder of Sonemos Media, an independent agency dedicated to Amazon Marketing and sales. Sonemos Media is an Amazon Ads Verified Partner  Partner