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At Unboxed (Amazon third annual advertising conference), Amazon announced new additions to its advertising ecosystem. I summarize here some of interesting branding new features (source: Amazon Ads):

Brand Metrics

Brand Metrics is a self-service measurement solution that goes beyond ad-attributed actions to help brands of all sizes quantify and optimize their performance in Amazon’s store, based on shopping engagements that can be predictive of actual sales on Amazon. Brands can use this suite of awareness and consideration metrics to measure the long-term value of brand engagement and evaluate what’s driving growth for their business. Brand Metrics is in beta and available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

Brand Lift

Amazon Brand Lift allows marketers to create studies within Amazon DSP, then send them to a panel of opted-in Amazon shoppers. Surveys can be created in just a few minutes using templates in Amazon DSP. Reporting is typically available within two weeks

Live Stream Sponsored Display on Twitch

Advertisers can now also buy sponsored display ads within Twitch livestreams.

Interactive Video Ads.

Interactive video ads allow viewers to add advertised items to their cart or a list, request more information, or buy now to place an immediate order (voice-activated or remote-activated). These ads are currently in beta on the IMDb TV app on Fire TV.

Brand Follow

Customers can now follow a brand on Amazon. They simply click the ‘Follow’ button, that is included as an everyday part of the shopping experience

Brands must enroll in the Brand Registry program, and customers must “follow” the brand on Amazon in order to get the notifications. A customer can opt to follow a brand on the brand’s store page.

Najad Jonas-Menouar is the Founder of Sonemos Media, an independent agency dedicated to Amazon Marketing, Ecommerce, Advertising and sales.