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Amazon recently announced that on July 22 it will be suppressing ASINs (Amazon Single Identification Number) from Amazon Search that violate Amazon’s title guidelines. So, to avoid losing visibility, ranking, and sales, it is crucial that your product listing becomes compliant with the title guidelines.

This announcement was found for US marketplace. We don’t know yet when it will be applicable to European marketplaces, neither if it will be the case. Sonemos Media will keep you posted !

What are the new title characteristics ?

In general, the titles that risk to be removed are the one with following characteristics:

  • Title containing promotional keywords and phrases (for example, free shipping, 100% quality guaranteed, etc.)
  • Title containing non-readable characters including emojis.
  • Title exceeding more than 200 characters.
  • Title not containing any product identifying information (no product type name and no product characteristics – for example, a single word title such as N/A)

Although not mentioned in the announcement, the Amazon Style Guide also contains a number of further requirements, such as using all caps or special characters (such as ! or $) being prohibited. 

What does this mean for me as a seller ?

Amazon says in it’s statement: When an ASIN is suppressed for any of the above reasons, you will be notified through the Manage Your Inventory screen in Seller Central, with the specific reason the ASIN was search suppressed. Once the issue is fixed on the title, we will remove the search suppression and the ASIN will appear back on Amazon Search.

This should be taken seriously, as it means a dramatic drop in your organic ranking ! After you make your title update, Amazon will re-index your listing, so you’ll temporarily see a drop in your organic ranking, but based on your sales history, reviews, and traffic, you’ll see your rank resume its position.

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Najad Jonas-Menouar is the Founder of Sonemos Media, an independent agency dedicated to Amazon Marketing, Advertising and sales.