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While we are forbidden to travel and cross borders, Amazon offers us a virtual holiday. With Amazon Explore, you can virtually discover the world while waiting to do it for real. From your sofa, you can wander the streets of Buenos Aires ($24.50) or visit Notre Dame in Paris ($69.30), unless you prefer to learn the recipe of fresh pasta with the Mia sisters in Tuscany ($52.50).

Available Activities

You can browse following activities or bookings by price, new experiences, or by region:

  • Cooking lessons
  • Personal shopping experiences
  • Guided tours of key cultural landmarks
  • Wildlife encounters
  • Local crafting lessons
  • Historical expeditions
  • Visits with rescue dogs

Amazon Explore hosts are “tour guides, wellness coaches, artisans, chefs, stylists, or anyone with a skill or adventure to share.”

Can I also host a tour ?

Feeling like hosting a tour of your home town or share your skills as a chef ? All you have to do is to fill in an Application, show what value you can bring , set the price, and you’re all set !

While Amazon Explore hosts can be from almost anywhere in the world, you can only stream experiences as a customer from the United States for the moment, as it is still In Beta

Najad Jonas-Menouar is the Founder of Sonemos Media, an independent agency dedicated to Amazon Marketing, Ecommerce, Advertising and sales..