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Here are some common questions about digital media campaigns
How much should I spend for my online advertising ?
Advertising should carry messages that appeal to your customers when they want to buy and reach them through the media they use.

Figuring out how much to spend on advertising should begin with your sales revenues. The rule number one should be to set a budget that fits your business goals, and set the KPIs in order to measure the return.

Where and how should I spend my online advertising budget ?
The target consumer, the product or service being advertised, and cost are the three main factors that dictate what media vehicles are selected. Additional factors may include overall business objectives, desired geographic coverage, and availability (or lack thereof) of media options.
What is the minimum media budget for an online campaign ?
Depending on the channel you are investing in, the minimum amount will vary.

If you you can start a Facebook or Instagram campaign with a very small daily budget (ex: starting at € 10/day ), be aware that the results you can expect will also be proportionnal. Depending on your objectives and timing, you might need to raise that budget significantly.

On the other hand, for direct buys, some vendors have a floor price per campaign, which generaly starts at € 3 000 – 5 000.

Programmatic is a long term strategy and you will therefore need to start with a test campaign, which generally needs a minimum of  € 5 000

Am I ready for programmatic advertising ?
Programmatic advertising is now more than a buzzword, it is a way to turn your advertising money into effective conversions, and learn a lot about your costumers’ behaviour. Therefore, programmatic is all about data, metrics and tracking. You can only invest in programmatic if you get the basics right:

Your website is tagged and ready for tracking and data collect

You have a Google Analytics account, and are using Google 360°

You are redirecting to a relevant landing page

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